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Almuntada Funday We had a very successful family fun day in which we managed with everyone’s help to raise about £3000. We were very pleased to meet a lot of people today; some of our x-students, parents and colleagues… Many thanks to everyone who made this day a success…


Stories from the Seerah

An important lesson to learn from the event of rebuilding the Ka’bah and placing the Black Stone in its position… Listen to the story from Br. Amjad highlighting the lesson we should apply in life from it… #Prophet_muhammad #Prophet_muhammads_seerah #the_black_stone #Almuntadaprimary #assembly


Head boy/girl Elections

Our four candidates from year 6 introduced to all children their “manifesto” to be chosen as head girl/head boy…   In the afternoon all children of the school voted following a democratic process… Time to vote… ✍✅✍   Announcing  the results…