Residential Trip 2017

Our years 5&6 children visited Chigwell Row for their end of year Residential trip. There they had a variety of out door activities and different new experiences and adventures to discover. Our children loved it!



Archery Activity:

“Children are more skilled since we had archery sessions with Sir Nick and Sir Khaled. The instructor was impressed with their aims. They had a competition and Ms. Rashida’s team won scoring 82 points. Musa was the star he aimed the centre point twice earning his team 20 precious points.”


 Create a building:

“Children enjoyed it a lot they learnt this through trial and error. They learnt how to work as part of the team and communicate well with the team members to win the game.”


“Grass sledge was great fun and children enjoyed it a lot.”


“After a very busy afternoon our children preparing pan cakes for dinner.”



rock climbing


“The aim of the activity is develop focus, concentration, listening skills,  problem solving and decision making skills. Also build confidence.”


“The Forest Walk was another thrilling experience. Children got an opportunity to observe nature closely. They learnt that nature has remedy for everything and examined a plant that cures insect bite.”


“Fire lighting, one of the essential survival skills, was an extremely exciting and adventurous experience for our children. They learnt to create spark to light the fire and learnt that fully dry branches and twigs are the best fuel for fire. They learnt to examine dry twigs. Later, they collected three crates of dry wood and made small fire in groups. After a while the small fire grew into a blaze.”


“Thanks to Musa Kempson, Zahra Bashar and Anas Yusuf who shared snacks with everyone. Special thanks to Hayaa Siddiqui for bringing and sharing marshmallows. Children roasted marshmallows on fire and enjoyed them.”