Primary News



Testing the pH of Water we Buy

Have you ever thought what the pH number mentioned on your water bottle means? The best water to drink must have a pH of 7-8.5 We tested a lot of different types and brands of water and results were shared with demonstration to children in assembly to understand how to choose the water they drink! […]


Young Writers Award

Year 5 and 6 children took part in ‘YOUNG WRITERS’ competition. They submitted poems written on ‘ONCE UPON A DREAM’ theme; a number of poems, written by the children, were chosen for the publication. These poems have been selected on the criteria of: perception; imagination and creativity; expression; originality and use of language. Four of […]


Residential Trip 2017

Our years 5&6 children visited Chigwell Row for their end of year Residential trip. There they had a variety of out door activities and different new experiences and adventures to discover. Our children loved it!   Day#1 Archery Activity: “Children are more skilled since we had archery sessions with Sir Nick and Sir Khaled. The […]


Animating using Pawtoon

Our children have learnt this term how to create some little animated clips using Pawtoon and other animation programs. They learnt how to make a voice over using sound tracks recording their own voices. Years 5/6 used their Arabic writing and speaking skills to create animations about different countries . They also implemented geography knowledge […]


Creative Writing Competition

Year 2 children entered a talent for creative writing competition and 7 were selected for publication in a young writers’ Anthology for September 2017. A very big WELL DONE goes to… Abdulhakeem Hamza, Amna Hamdi, Ahmed Yahya, Roumayssaa Benjaghlouli, Wajida Abdul Fattah, Kamilah Henry &  Ilyas Ahmed