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Autumn 2017-18 Newsletter

Click here for our full Newsletter   Dear  Parents/ Carers, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu… We would like to thank all parents, staff and community for their excellent support during our very successful fund raising dinner, where our community pledges just over £27K.   This will certainly help the school with the financial challenges it  […]


Family Fund Dinner

Alhamdulillah for His blessings that He has showered on us in this amazing gathering we had last Friday. All gathered for the Sake of Allah and our brilliant school and children. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this event a success, especially our parents, children and visitors who blessed the evening with their speeches. […]

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Bronze award from STARS TfL

Bronze award from STARS TfL – Getting Young London Moving TfL holds annual seminars across London to celebrate schools’ commitment on being healthy, active and safer travel. Our school was awarded a Certificate and Bronze trophy for actively taking part in various activities like ‘Healthy Week, Walk to School, Safer Journey etc. We want to […]


The ‘WOW’ Challenge

Our children at Al Muntada Primary took the ‘WOW’ challenge to walk once a week to school. Well done to Nuha, Ismaeel and Guled in year 4 who have won the most ‘WOW’ badges this term. This is part of TFL’s  STARS program of ‘Getting Young London Moving’ to create  ‘Walking Schools’, where parents and children enjoy the benefits […]



We are so proud that our children at #almuntadaprimary participated in this awsome activity… Our children designed their hearts to spread love in London and around the world… They took all hearts themselves and placed them near #parsonsgreen station💜💛💚 #aheart4ldn💜💛💚


Imperial College Workshop and Show

KS2 children visited the Imperial College and enjoyed a very powerful show and workshop about Atoms… They learned a lot about science and how it is around us everywhere… They also learned to ‘never stop questioning’…   Part of the activities children enjoyed at the Imperial College….Rotating plates and the ‘hidden talents’ we discovered…   […]


Year 7’s Tea Party

 Our last years yr. 6 pupils (Yumna,Sarrah & Ikram) invited us for a tea party at their secondary school… They took us around their new school, showed us their different classes and their amazing work. We also got to meet some of their teachers who welcomed us and took us through their work. We had […]



Almuntada Funday We had a very successful family fun day in which we managed with everyone’s help to raise about £3000. We were very pleased to meet a lot of people today; some of our x-students, parents and colleagues… Many thanks to everyone who made this day a success…


Stories from the Seerah

An important lesson to learn from the event of rebuilding the Ka’bah and placing the Black Stone in its position… Listen to the story from Br. Amjad highlighting the lesson we should apply in life from it… #Prophet_muhammad #Prophet_muhammads_seerah #the_black_stone #Almuntadaprimary #assembly