Stories from the Seerah

An important lesson to learn from the event of rebuilding the Ka’bah and placing the Black Stone in its position… Listen to the story from Br. Amjad highlighting the lesson we should apply in life from it… #Prophet_muhammad #Prophet_muhammads_seerah #the_black_stone #Almuntadaprimary #assembly

Head boy/girl Elections

Our four candidates from year 6 introduced to all children their “manifesto” to be chosen as head girl/head boy…   In the afternoon all children of the school voted following a democratic process… Time to vote… ✍✅✍   Announcing  the results…  

Muslim History Tours

  Part of Black History week, we were honoured to have br. AbdulMaalik Tailor taking our children back in time, discovering Muslim heritage in the Uk. Did you know where the 1st Mosque was build in London??!! Check it out… 💱A special coin used in the 8th century…check it out.💱   ✒The 1st English translation […]

Health Awareness Week

As following the motto of being healthy throughout the year and throughout our lives, we had a health awareness week full of different activities to encourage everyone to change their life-styles gradually and to keep the doctor away as much as possible.   We hired a smoothie bike and children were allowed to make their […]

Lord & Lady Sheikh Visit

We were honored to have Lord & Lady Sheikh visiting us today. The were taken in a tour around the school and have attended a talent show our children performed from different classes..   Who is Lord Sheikh? Lord Mohamed Sheikh was born in Kenya and brought up in Uganda. His parents originated from the […]

Drumming Assembly

We had a great assembly today based on Drumming. Different types of drums were used including materials from our surrounding to make different sounds and rhythms. Children will go on to practise further their acquired skills during the summer term including making unique sounds using steel drums.  

Cultural Day

Celebration the school’s ‘Cultural Day’, Children around the school dressed up in traditional clothes representing different countries of their choice. Parents also prepared traditional food from their home countries. Everyone had a lovely time.

Year 5/6 Recycling Assembly

Year 5&6 assembly  about recycling, following their project of selling their up-cycled materials in which they made around £200 profit. They got very motivated after the success they made last week… They have performed many role plays explaining the importance of recycling and caring for the environment.