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Making Smoothie

Look at me making a Smoothie. We had so much fun in putting different fruits together to make a delicious smoothie for us to drink. This special smoothie was called ‘Berry Burst’ as we used different kinds of berries.

Residential Trip 2017

Our years 5&6 children visited Chigwell Row for their end of year Residential trip. There they had a variety of out door activities and different new experiences and adventures to discover. Our children loved it!   Day#1 Archery Activity: “Children are more skilled since we had archery sessions with Sir Nick and Sir Khaled. The […]


We have been learning how to play cricket with our coach Rohan. This was fun as we were able to participate in this sport. Our coach made it very simple and enjoyable  for us to learn the rules.

Creative Writing Competition

Year 2 children entered a talent for creative writing competition and 7 were selected for publication in a young writers’ Anthology for September 2017. A very big WELL DONE goes to… Abdulhakeem Hamza, Amna Hamdi, Ahmed Yahya, Roumayssaa Benjaghlouli, Wajida Abdul Fattah, Kamilah Henry &  Ilyas Ahmed