Nursery Opening


On 3rd of October 2016 we opened the doors of our Nursery and welcomed our new children and staff. We still have spaces available in our brand new nursery and are enrolling now for the next term. To secure a place please contact Sister Farzanah at or call her on 020 7471 8283. Please let other parents know about our new Nursery also.




Sometimes my uniform comes home a little wet.  I learn huge amounts of Science and Maths when I play in the water tray.

The splodge is part of my lunch.  I am trying so hard to use a knife and fork correctly when I eat.

The black mark was made with a pen.  I am trying so hard to develop my writing and drawing skills.

The grass stain shows that I have been using the garden area to develop my physical skills.

Big movements like running and jumping help me to get better with small movements like writing.

Painting helps me to develop my creativity.  Sometimes I accidentally get paint on my shirt as I work.

The mud kitchen is very messy but it helps me to develop my imagination and use of descriptive language.


*******************TERM III****************


We also learnt about different life cycles this term and therefore, for our first-hand experience we  decided to have little caterpillars in our nursery. We observed them closely as they grew bigger and bigger and eventually turn into beautiful  butterflies. Along with them we talked about how we have grown and changed over the time. We even brought in our baby pictures to show it to our friends and teachers.



Picture1   Picture5

This summer term we have been learning about the importance of eating healthy and exercising and its effects on our bodies and well-being. We celebrated a healthy eating week in our school by using smoothies’ bikes to exercise and made some delicious smoothies of our choice. We also focused on Handa’s surprised story to learn about different African fruits and culture. This book also helped us understand the value of sharing with our friends and giving.




For our first week back we even had an Eid party in our nursery. We helped Ms Malik with our party list as we wanted to make sure we have healthy party food, however we were lucky that some parents brought in some delicious cakes, cupcakes and biscuits as a special Eid treat. We played  lots of different party games and even won prizes. We even took our last class photo    together, as we are getting ready to say goodbyes to some of our friends that will be graduating from nursery this month to reception class.




This term we have been looking at different occupations and people that help us. We have been busy in our role play area dressing up as doctors, nurses, police officers and fire fighters. We even went to our local fire station to see our local heroes. There we met fire fighter Nick, who showed us around and told us all about their work and how we can ask for help in case of a fire. We were lucky enough to sit in the fire engine and experience what it will be like to be a fire fighter. Our favourite part was using the fire hose.


*****************TERM II**************



World’s Book day!

World’s book day was a very exciting day, especially because in our nursery we celebrate the importance of reading books every day. We are encouraged by our teacher to retell stories and even create our own using our imagination. On world’s book day we all dressed up in our favourite book character, and discussed our chosen characters with our friends. In our role play we created our own nursery story which had fantastic Mr Fox, Captain America, princess, fairy, Spiderman and not so little red riding hood.




Picture7 Picture8

We also went for a spontaneous trip to our local park for a phonics session. Our task was to pay attention to different sounds we can hear in our environment. It helped us with our listening and attention skills. We also had a little picnic in the park and were joined by a dog named Elsa. Most of us showed friendly behaviour and were not scared of the dog.




This term we have been focusing on taking our classroom learning outdoor. We love to explore and learn on a larger scale in fresh air. For maths we have been playing What’s the time Mr Wolf? It helps us learn how to count as well as increase our physical development. For writing, we enjoy mark-making on our nursery playground floor with chalk. Also for communication and language we enjoy retelling stories through our role plays using different props.




Also for our dinosaur project we observed and investigated a dinosaur egg. Our job was to submerge the egg in the water and wait for it to hatch. It was an exciting project for us, as we all observed carefully with our magnifying glasses and waited patiently. Over the days we noticed some cracks on the egg shell and eventually Triceratops came out. Even though we were all hoping for a T-Rex, but we loved our dinosaur regardless. After it Hatched we had to change the water and keep him in there for bit longer, as we watched him grow from a baby dinosaur into big dinosaur.




Picture4 Picture3

Also this term we decided to make our own Dinosaur world in our nursery. We shared our ideas as a group and made some recommendations. Then we worked as a team and collected some car tyres from our playground. Even though the tyres were bit heavy and big for us, we worked as a team and were able to bring them into our classroom. Then we worked together to put some soil and water for our dinosaurs. By working together, we learnt the importance of team work and   the skills of  communicating well with our                   team members.



Picture1 Picture2

This spring term has been a really exciting term in our nursery. Along with more new friends joining us, we also welcomed a Syrian hamster into our nursery family. After many suggestions and votes we finally decided to name our hamster Milo Hamstersaurs.

Having Milo has been a wonderful experience for us all. We all enjoy looking after Milo and always help Miss Malik with cleaning his cage and making sure he has enough water and food. It has taught us the concept of looking after living creatures.  We have also managed to overcome our fears and learnt how to hold Milo, even though it was very scary at first. Nonetheless over time It has made us all more loving, caring and responsible individuals.


******************TERM I****************



We visited our local playground to explore the outdoor environment. We looked for some mini-beasts but instead we found a squirrel. We happily shared our snack with a squirrel because we have been learning the importance of sharing and caring. We also collected some leaves for our autumn theme.



For our first class trip we went to the mosque to pray. We learnt about the importance of Friday salah and all its rituals. We also learnt a nasheed (song) about different prophets and their message. The message was to believe and worship only one God (Allah) and not status or idols.





The children learnt the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Through this story we learnt about the 7 days of the week and  focused on the butterfly’s life cycle. We went on a mini-beast hunt and found a spider. We also discussed the importance of eating healthy and made some yummy fruits smoothie.